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Who We Are

So They Can Know is a project of Sexual Health Innovations, a non-profit organization dedicated to using technology to improve sexual health and wellbeing. We are funded through private donations and this website was designed and developed entirely by volunteers.

What We Do

This website is designed to improve sexual health by giving people the ability to anonymously inform their partners of possible sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmission. Although we recognize that this is not the preferred form of partner notification, we hope that this site will help fill in the gaps when people are unable or unwilling to notify their partners some other way. We envision a world where we can use the disease to fight itself- to turn lines of disease transmission into lines of communication until everyone with an STD knows their status and can do something about it (even if that something is just using a condom). We also strive to present sexual health information on this site in a way that will be as useful as possible to people who have questions about STDs.

Our History

This website was formed in 2012 by a group of dedicated volunteers specializing in a variety of fields and with the input of public health professionals from across the United States.

We will forever be in debt to the hard work of:

Andrew Dollard

Lead Front-End Developer / Rockstar

David Liu

Back-End Developer / Young Jedi

Ezekiel Flores

Designer / Award-Winning Creative

Matt Spitz

Back-End Developer / Argonaut

Mike Rushanan

Lead Back-End Developer / Tinkerer

Noah Dietterich

Design Consultant / Guru

David Aquino

Front-End Developer / The Veteran

Jessica Ladd

Project Manager / The Candidate

Ben Peterson

Illustrator / The Transcendentalist

What We Do

So They Can Know is a free resource to help you notify your sexual partners that they may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease (STD). We provide resources for partners as well.


Who We Are

So They Can Know is a project of Sexual Health Innovations, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sexual health of Americans by promoting more effective use of technology.


Getting an email

Have you received an email from our site? We want to help you figure out if you are at risk of an STD as well as help you get tested.